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Centrasoft - Target Business Solutions - delivering CF8 Exam Buster and DW8 Exam Buster for your ColdFusion MX and Dreamweaver 8 certification exam studies, study using our tools to help you pass the real exam
CF8 Exam Buster - Supports Windows 32-bit versions 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP Pro/Home/Vista - Download the DEMO Version which allows one full test
CF8 Exam Buster
CF8 Exam Buster is the ultimate testing tool specifically designed to help ColdFusion® developers earn their certification through the Adobe® Certified Professional Program.
Order Now for just $39.95 (US)
384 questions in 6 predefined tests designed to help you prepare for all aspects of the actual ColdFusion® 8 Certification exam.
Simon Horwith, Editor-in-Chief of the CFDJ, writes "I was pleasantly surprised by CentraSoft's CFMX Exam Buster 7 and I strongly recommend it above any other study aid to anyone preparing to take the certification exam."
Read the entire SYS-CON CFDJ product review of CFMX Exam Buster 7.0 (previous version)

WinGag - iPhone and iPod Touch application
WinGag - "Windows" on the iPhone
New!!!   iPhone's first "true" Windows experience: WinGag
Ever wish you could have the frustrating experience that PC users have had for years? Well, now...There's an App for that!
WinGag allows you to get revenge on those uptight, pencil-pushing PC fanatics everywhere whove poked fun at your iPhone or Mac! WinGag gives you the opportunity to get 'em back in seconds while giving yourself a chuckle along the way. Heck, Apple has built an entire marketing campaign around PC guy versus Mac guy. Now YOU can take part in the battle.
When WinGag loads, the PC aficionado will see an all-too familiar Windows-ish desktop complete with Start button, System Tray and Blue background. The unsuspecting user will surely be impressed by the application's quick start-up time and comforting familiar appearance.
The fun really starts when the user taps the Start button. An hourglass appears and after a brief moment, they are greeted with a special surprise they've come to know very well...yes...the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)! Undoubtedly, something every Windows user has experienced countless times.
After you compose yourself, you can tell your PC friend, "See! Using an iPhone isn't so different than a Windows PC".
WinGag - Available On The App Store

Meeting Sound FX - iPhone and iPod Touch application
Meeting Sound FX
Centrasoft's first foray into the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch applications arena: Meeting Sound FX
Have to attend boring meetings all the time? Ever wish you had a way to infuse a bit of laughter into your workplace meetings?   If so, then Meeting Sound FX is the application for you.
Meeting Sound FX gives you 20 great sound effects sure to add life to any boring meeting you have to attend. With a simple soundboard at the tip of your fingers, you can now be the life of the party at those dull meetings.
Great meeting sound effects including Snoring, Crickets, Bomb, Plane Crash, Booing, Applause, Clock Ticking, Laughing, Rim Shot, Huh? and many more!
Meeting Sound FX - a great way to add humor and laughter to your office staff meetings for under a buck!
Meeting Sound FX - Available On The App Store